Max’s blog – day 9 & 10

Well, we didn’t do much on day 9, but we did do a lot of inside activities.

In the morning we went to the Ballynahown tea shop though, which kind of counts as an outside activity. I got a pancake and a bit of a scone which my dad cut off for me. it was really nice! yum! then we went back home where we played inside so I can just skip it.

Day 10! We went to a castle it wasn’t cold but it was called Birr! the car trip was about an hour and a ½! I sat in the middle, which was unfair. When we got there we went to the counter to get our tickets, then we went outside to play on what looked like a giant, massive treehouse cubby!

 IMG_3616  IMG_2784
 IMG_2689  IMG_2794

IT WAS REALLY FUN! (Kind of!) we played for an hour or so until we decided we should have a look around, we went over to a massive broken telescope and then to a castle.


After those we went to a massive tree which my sister lied on it to read her “fudge” book. we left her there and went on a walk.

 IMG_2699  IMG_2766

It was really long and got really boring! then when we got UN LOST, we went to the café to get a lemonade because we were outside for 2 & a ½ HOURS! then we went home and played around until it was time for bed.

the end! really!

4 Responses to “Max’s blog – day 9 & 10”

  1. Alex says:

    That giant cubby house looks really cool.
    Now that I want to go to!

  2. Alex says:

    You realise that I almost got
    Into trouble a couple of times, since people thought that I wrote that you sucked and I’d write you as a spam. NOT TRUE!!!!!! People are seeing this, right?

  3. says:

    Sorry Alex, I thought it was funny at the time, sorry…

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