max’s blog – days 11 and 12

Day 11

we stayed home and played lots of indoor games, like chess and monopoly. I beat my dad at the very start of the game because he stuffed up. and for you chess fanatics out there (Rick.) well, not really a fanatic but someone who plays a lot, look down to the bottom first so you can see how I shellacked my dad! but my sister and my mum were practicing their times tables all the time because if she got all of her times tables right, then she would be able to get her ears pierced. OW!!! well, we taught her all we knew but she kept replying when she got one wrong with, “I forgot?” arrrrrgggghhhh it got sooooo annoying! anyway…

Day 12

much more fun, we went all the way to Dublin. awesome 1 hour trip, got a bit boring, but still fun. when we got there it took mum about, lets see,  HALF AN HOUR!!! Just to find a car park! really? well, when we found a car park I brought out penguino bro. then we went into a big mall, mum gave us a lolly to chew on. it disappeared quickly… after I went to grab penguino out of my pocket and, HE WAS GONE!!! I was so angry, we searched for half an hour but couldn’t find him ANYWHERE! I missed him.

So we got some lunch after that we went to see the oldest book in the world (the book of Kells) but the queue! – so we skipped it.

 IMG_3705  IMG_3707
 IMG_3708  IMG_3711

Then went to the Dead Zoo (every animal on the planet is stuffed) and back to the car.

 IMG_3715  IMG_3729

(Mind you he wasn’t in the car either, I’m just saying…) my brother got the front seat because dad didn’t come (he felt sick so he stayed home). when we tried to get out of Dublin something happened which deserves a heading… ah hem…


it took us about, hmmm lets see, AN EXTRA HOUR!!! to get out of Dublin. argh! well, I don’t think I can write a whole chapter on getting out of Dublin but it took ages, well, that’s really all because when we got home, all we did is get a mini magnum. then we went to bed.

CHESS… (Yay?)

Well, the opening move for white, (Me!) was e,4. then my dad stupidly moved N f,6. I moved my piece up to e,5. then he retreated his horse to N e,4 , I then moved f,3 to continue perusing his night, so once again he retreated to N g,5 . I pretended that Id  given up and moved d,4 to protect my piece, and do something else, mwahahahaha! he then stupidly moved d,6 which I hoped for, I then took his night or horse with my bishop, it was all downhill from there on for my dad. in the end I checkmated him with a king, 2 rooks, (castles!) a bishop and 4 pawns, to a king and a pawn, well, I didn’t checkmate him, he surrendered! YES!!! happy!


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