max’s blog – day 23

day 23

we had a nice breakfast… (ditto like day 22!)  IMG_4197

it was really nice! then we left off after we packed up and back home along the “coastal causeway route.” it was really, well, up and down, this way that way, which made me really dizzy! but luckily we stopped off at a place called Dunluce castle, it was AWESOME!!!

 IMG_3373  IMG_3375
 IMG_4246  IMG_3387
 IMG_3381  IMG_4228

we had so much fun playing with our dad.

wrestle the ogre

wrestle the ogre

 IMG_3411  IMG_4266
 IMG_3420  IMG_4270

the castle was also awesome though, it was massive so we bought some tickets, it was well worth buying them though, it was cool.

 IMG_4279  IMG_4275

then, when we left, we went to a place called, Murlough Bay. it was really fun, I ran all the way down a massive driveway thingy which went for ages, then we got to a car park place and went on two separate walks.

 IMG_4293  IMG_4292
 IMG_4310  IMG_3444

it was fun and mum loved it, she said it reminded her of tazzie* (*Tasmania!)

 IMG_4322  IMG_3430

Aye, that's Scotland

Aye, that’s Scotland

after that we went off to have lunch at a place called Cushendun. it was nice, I had a sandwich and some minimum sized pancakes. not really, they were actually pretty big.

then we went to Belfast to see where the titanic was built, (And find a shirt like Tom’s, my mum’s cousin’s son, which says, “the Titanic, built by a Irishman, sunk by an Englishman!”) haha!

but our bad luck pounced in and it closed right when we got there! darn!

 IMG_3460  IMG_3461

finally we drove home, and finally touched down in bed after 4 hours drive and a stop at a petrol station for some junk food (at 11pm). then we went to bed.

the end!

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  1. B Moony says:

    Wow! What a big trip. All is forgiven – now understand the late posting.

  2. rick says:

    Wow! Some gorgeous country.

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