max’s blog – day 21

day 21

I slept in, till after my brother. that’s a good way to measure it, but it also counts as a long time! I finally woke up and we got ready to leave on our trip! yay! first we drove to Boyle.

Maybe Max is right ... boring!

Maybe Max is right … boring!

then we got some lunch, after that Daisy got a photo taken with some old grannies to get put in their local newspaper!

 IMG_3948  IMG_3914

then we played at a festival and daisy got her face painted.


also what we did was play a weird game thing called… actually I don’t know what its called! but it was a game where you get put in giant bubbles and bump other people! it was fun but some older teenagers dominated!




after that we hopped back in the car and left off to a place called Carrowkeel. its like an old cemetery made out of rocks! its probably older than newgrange so nearly 5000 years old!!! at the start we couldn’t find it but a guy called Harry Bell, showed us the way by driving ahead of us!

Harry Bell

Harry Bell

Non descript

Non descript

 IMG_3988  IMG_3227
 IMG_3258  IMG_3985

there was something called a roof box, its like the exact same thing as at newgrange, which lets the sun in on the summer solstice. its awesome!

 IMG_3267  IMG_4010
 IMG_3995  IMG_3250
 IMG_3243  IMG_3247

then finally we finished and went to a place called Donegal, but we had no place booked and a big GAA match had just finished, but we eventually found a place to stay, it was called the Atlantic hotel! yay! we went to bed after a nice dinner!

the end!

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