max’s blog – day 22

day 22

we had a nice breakfast. after that we went off to the Slieve League, a bunch of HUGE cliffs! they were awesome… there were the biggest winds I’ve ever seen in my life there.


Totoro came too

Totoro came too

we were literally standing on a 45 degree angle! wow! windy!

 IMG_4080 (2)  IMG_4079 (2)

Greg and Anna were the only ones who actually went to the top because when we got to the top we sat in the car and played a game, but that doesn’t make us babies because we couldn’t climb a cliff, the reason was because it was pouring!

 IMG_3284  IMG_4069 (2)

we eventually went off to the next sight but we had to drive into another country! northern Ireland… it was fun! we went to a place called “the Giant’s Causeway!”

 IMG_3323  IMG_4153
 IMG_4159  IMG_3332
 IMG_4146  IMG_4126

it was fun but mum said she hated it because there were no trees. I liked it a bit but I have to agree with my mum! (No trees!!!)

we then went to Ballintoy harbour where Game of Thrones is filmed.

 IMG_3353  IMG_4167

evading (photo)capture

evading (photo)capture

well, anyway, after that we went off to Carrick-a-Rede, in it we went on a 1 kilometre walk.

 IMG_3358  IMG_3356

it was boring until we reached the bridge! it was so scary, like one of those creaky ones in the movies! it was a 20 metre long, a rope bridge.

 IMG_3360  IMG_3361
 IMG_3363  IMG_3368

it was dangerous in the winds but still safe! after we got back we went off to get a b & b* to stay in. (* b & b, meaning breakfast in bed, like a hotel!) but, without luck, we wasted 4 HOURS, looking for a place to stay because they were all booked out! but we eventually found a well priced one with 2 rooms so we took it!

[Ed: At 11pm ... the Lodge Hotel. Hooray!]


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