max’s blog – day 20

Day 20

all I can say is, ditto! we did the exact same thing, (after we did our computer game time) we went on the walk again! yay. but, before we even did that we cleaned up the house!


and then, yes, we went to Shannonharbour again for the food mostly but mostly to get a walk around before our car trip! (The next day…)

 IMG_3167  IMG_3882
 IMG_3184  IMG_3175

when we got there we had our dinner and then went out to the playground a few more little kids came in with  nerf guns and lots of other stuff! (They were very energetic and liked to punch people and try to strangle them!)


I didn’t! then we started to walk home, it became dark really quick! REALLY, quick! we were walking in the dark for nearly an hour!


it got really boring but eventually we hit the car and drove home to bed!

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