max’s blog – day 19

day 19

All right! lets get this on! for starters, daisy had a test on her times tables… it went well! in fact, it went so well that she got 48 out of 48! yay! that means that she got her ears pierced! double yay!


and that meant that she was out of the house for a while!!! triple yay! after that… MORE READING!!! reading, reading, reading! yep, once again the mad reader strike’s again! quadruple yay!!! (not!)

after that we went on a massive walk! it went for ages, about an hour and a bit! (not fun mind you!) but when we got there it got fun, the food was divine! we walked from Belmont to Shannonharbour along the grand canal, we walked all the way faster than a boat!

 IMG_3107  IMG_3823
 IMG_3108  IMG_3123
 IMG_3133  IMG_3119
 IMG_3843  IMG_3849

so we were tired! very tired! which is why I ate half a 10” pizza and a lemonade with some chips! (Greedy guts me!) while we were having dinner mum and dad had a chat with the people in the boat because they went to the same pub!

 IMG_3142  IMG_3140

then there was the walk home.

 IMG_3155  IMG_3853

I got so tired because it was like 8:30! really late to go on a long walk. anyway, me and my brother were the first in the car so we listened to some music until the others came in who decided to turn it down really low! annoying! then we got home and went to bed after a nice brush of the teeth!

The end!

(P.S.) this is for Nick and Barbara. (my grandparents!)

1. you know daisy’s test of tables…

2. it is fun!

3. yes we are but the cat eats it!

4. I think I have?

5. daisy loves him so we feed him! (Not that you would like it!)

6. lastly, yes we have!

[Ed: 1. Her times tables.  If she passed the test she gets earrings. 2. What of Ireland? 3. Are you feeding the birds? 4. Have you seen Percy the pheasant ? 5.What happened to the stray black cat? 6. Have you visited Doon across the road yet???]

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  1. Sooz says:

    Woo Hoo, Dazz.
    Ear rings look great.
    Are Max and Felix getting theirs done too, once they learn their times tables??
    :o) ;O) :o);O)

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