max’s blog – days 17 and 18

day 17 R E A D I N G ! ! ! all day. yep that’s right, lots and lots of reading, I finished the second hero’s of Olympus… I think that deserves a round of applause! yay! go max! Ah-Hu! yeah well, I deserved that.

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anyway, after about 4 o clock we went to a friends house for dinner, but it wasn’t all that easy… we had to walk for half an hour!!! it got boring but at least I had a brother to talk to! but it was alongside a canal and that made it alot better than alongside the road! that was helpful!( but still boring!)

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then we got to their house. it was a big house… BIG! we said hello and then had a chat with the natives… they were friendly. and they even let us watch the first bit of T.V. that we have ever watched in Ireland! yay. we watched Planes. it was OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK but definitely not the best movie I’ve ever watched! we stayed there until 11 o clock and then left off for home! [Ed: we drove to Mullingar too that morning!] IMG_3050 day 18 it was a bit more exciting, if you count reading as exciting!!! yes we read for AGES!!! so a complete replay in fact. exept instead of going to a friend’s house for dinner, we went all out Indian in Athlone?

At 1200 year old bar!

At 1200 year old bar!

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and I guess that concludes my blog for today! the end!

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  1. Wendy & George says:

    Hi Ya Max, Dad an l are loving your blog, we’re having lots of laughs…
    keep up the good work… say hi to Greg, Anna, Felix and Daisy for us, glad to see that youre all having a good time. Stay safe, have fun…

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