max’s blog – days 15 and 16

day 15

you could say day 15 was one of the most exciting days yet, well you would be close! some of our relatives came over. their names were Finn, my mums cousin, tom , her eighteen year old son, and ben, her husband. when we inherited this place, it was supposed to go to my mum, my mums sister and her cousin finn! and we’re staying at it at the moment. well anyway, we had some visitors, and that was them, fin, tom and ben. they came here at 11 in the morning so we had to wake up my brother early (11 o clock), well, you could say that’s an early morning for him. anyway, my dad decided we should start reading a new book before they got here and we did, we downloaded it onto kindle! it was called… well, I can’t remember really, I think its The Heroes of Olympus. all I can really remember is that I started it then, then the visitors arrived. they were nice and all but tom wasn’t the best at chess, (He has an excuse, he hasn’t played in 12 years! and the fact that I’m really good at chess…) anyway, after a good game of chess we went out on an adventure to somewhere! unknown…  or the fact I also can’t remember! [Ed: Lough Ree] we went on a walk down to a spot and had a sit down to have lunch.

 IMG_2939  IMG_2941

we ate for a while and then went to a giant swing. it was 1 ½ meters off the ground!

 IMG_2955  IMG_2983

after that we went back to the car… to get home… well, we went home for a bit, not too long. then we went to a pub where we had some dinner. yum! after that we went to another pub but all we got here was a lemonade.

 IMG_2999  IMG_3005

Felix photobombs

Felix photobombs

after that we said goodbye and drove home, they went their separate way back to their hotel. when we got home I just plopped into bed and started to read the new book. then my eyes slowly drifted down until I was fast asleep…

day 16

I woke up in the morning and read all day!!! yes that’s right, I think I can officially cross out those boring days and add this one to the top of the list. all we did, and I will not lie, all we did was read on the couch, THE WHOLE DAY!!! I finished a book with 556 pages and then read 50 of the next one. so that day doesn’t need much explaining!

Well, that’s basically been Monday and Tuesday for you, a very interesting Monday and a boring Tuesday. the end! really!

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    Awesome photobomb, Bing. It makes that photo sooooo much better. :O)

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