max’s blog – day 13 and 14

day 13

day 13 was NOT BORING AT ALL! it was so fun. we woke up in the morning and had an hour on the computer! FUN!


and then dad took us out to see, THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!! awesome. my favourite character was… STARLORD, or peter quill! he was awesome. anyway… it went for about an hour and a half which rocked! it was funny how a raccoon got the laser cannon, he blew up everything! cool. anyway, after that we went to a shop which sold toasties. (toasted sandwiches!) my brother and sister got burgers from burger king. I hate that weird place!

IMG_2853I don’t like burgers! well, we got the food first but I just wanted to put it out there straight a way that we watched a movie! fun fun fun!

I still missed penguino bro so we bid on 2 more on eBay, turns out that there a limited edition and extremely rare! so there were only 2 to buy! we bought them. one for my brother and the other for me, they will be here in 4 or 5 weeks so we sent them to Australia! well meet them there when we get back! yay! then we looked over a toy shop. there were Nerf guns and everything there but we didn’t buy anything, well, we bought something. we bought something called NOTHING!!!! yaaaaay!!……. (Not!)

then we went to a pub, we were there for ages and a band came in! it was pretty fun. I watched some guys play pool, one got all the stripy balls in in his one shot! he was good. he also told me when I couldn’t understand them that I should say “wha?”, instead of pardon. weird!

 IMG_2857  IMG_2859

then we went home to bed at 11!!!

day 14

a bit more boring, but still fun! we went to Athlone. it was fun, there  was a massive castle!

 IMG_2870  IMG_2872

we went inside and went on a mini tour… got a bit boring but was still fun. we learnt how heavy an actual sword was and how heavy a cannonball really was! not too heavy actually! but not too light if you think about it!

then we went to a café.  it was nice!


after that we went to an art museum.


got a bit boring! but was still fun! then we went to a playground!


then finally we went to the car to go home! when we got home I played my mum in the grand final for our family chess championships.  we both got into the finals and I beat her! yay!


I had my favourite dinner, penne pasta! yum!then we went to bed. the end! (we still haven’t got penguino bro yet!) hahaha!

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  1. B Moony says:

    The “Carrick” cruiser in your photo is a rental craft from Carrick. We had about 3 weeks sailing from Loch Derg up to Carrick and back – we borrowed Jonathan Perry’s cruiser (not as smart as the Carrick cruisers but very comfortable). Now that was fun!

  2. says:

    no it isn’t

  3. rick says:

    Everyone and everything looks so Irish in your photos. But really all I can think about is penguin bro. And chess!

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