Max’s blog – Day 8

Today I went to Newgrange, its a giant mound in the ground which is 5000 years old. The car trip was 1 1/2 hours long and when we got there, there was a sign saying, “Be warned, thieves operate in this area?” What in the hell! We went into the visitor centre and got our tickets. They weren’t expensive but the food there was expensive all right, anyway, we went to the bus stop and got picked up, we left off to Knowth, a giant, 150 meter mound in the ground.


It was pretty cool but it got a bit boring.

 IMG_2568  IMG_2560
 IMG_3525  IMG_2574

After that we went to Newgrange.


Oh, and did I mention I have a pet penguin. his name is penguino-bro.


He is a blue penguin rubber. he blocked off the roof to the Newgrange mound. there was a hole above the entrance which allows a beam of light to travel in 3 days before the winter solstice, to 2 days after it. the light lights up the room in the centre.


After we went there we hopped back on the bus. we went back to the car park, and drove of to a town called Navan, we had some pizza and a float (A Spider!) then we went home and I wrote this blog! the end!

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  1. Montey says:

    Hey Max
    The whole class has been reading your blog.
    Its amazing that in class we are pretending we are traveling but you are actually living it. Keep posting as the class is keen to keep following along. The castle look amazing.

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