max’s blog – days 3 and 4

Day 2 was skipped because day 1 included it. That is why I start on day 3! Well, I have to say, day 3 is the most boring day yet. I decided we should just stay home to get used to it. BAD IDEA! it got soooooooo, boring. All we  were doing was playing monopoly and chess. We had a chess championship, I beat my brother, then my mum beat me. my dad beat my mum and them my mum beat my brother. we hope she doesn’t get into the finals because that would just be sad…….. There are still two more rounds to go. Me versus my dad and my bro versus my dad! Well, you could guess that it was pretty boring, chess and monopoly all day, just puttin’ it out there, I, am a master at monopoly!  I won with just three properties, the yellow ones , ma favourites! I had hotels on em’. My brother and sister couldn’t help but to spend over budget at my resorts! Well that was all that day in one, quick wrap-up… The next day was a lot more exciting! We were going down to see my mum’s friend, her auntie & her cousin. (Her auntie owned a hotel which we were going to stay in.) Mum dad and I packed the car for our 2 day holiday in a holiday!  We left in the afternoon off to a town called Dunmore East. The trip took about an hour and a bit so mum decided to get some lollies, we each had a chuppa chup. YUM!


we had some lunch in a small town called Kilkenny, you bastards! (South park!!!) There was a beautiful café which we ate at, I got some pasta (Yum) and a homemade lemonade with a raspberry flavoured ice-cream sundae. the best ice-cream EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! No kidding! it even had a mint leaf on-top of it! WOW! Then we went to a castle which was MASSIVE!


It had literally a kilometre inside of it. Massive I told you, Massive it was! then we went back to the car and continued to drive for another hour or so until finally we found the little beachside town of Dunmore east!


it was so cold for a beach town but all the residents were wearing bathing clothes.


we got the hotel keys and settled down into bed, to start another game of monopoly.


Mum, on me and my bro, on my sister. My mum has a weird tactic of buying everything she lands on. My sister got the two dark blue ones while me and my brother won with the yellow ones, AGAIN!!! Then we met my mums friend who look the same age as my mum but says that she’s 20 years younger! Probably right!


We played in a playground until mum made us come and see her friend’s cousin’s daughter.


She was a year younger than me but she was in grade 6? Her name was Jilli. We went back to the park to continue playing until it was time to go home. We said goodbye and went to go get some dinner!!!! I was starved! We went home and went to bed. The End! Again!

4 Responses to “max’s blog – days 3 and 4”

  1. Dianne says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha – Kilkenny!!!! – that’s really funny, Max! Your writing is very entertaining. Say hi to Annabel for me, and tell her Sherry taught us how to play the opening bars of Stairway to Heaven on the uke – very cool. xxx

  2. Alex says:

    Once again, gobsmacked. Wow, a bit of MINT in your Sunday?!!! ‘Would top off anyone’s day. It’s a yes to me, definitely. You can now enter day five in your wonderful trip to Ireland! Good luck in surviving!!

    Yours sincerely, anonymous host.
    Ps. Tell the café owners where you had the ice cream Sunday to not kill kenny, and don’t call him a bastard.

  3. Alex says:

    New Simbles

  4. says:

    ¡²³¤€¼½¾‘’áßðíóöøµæäåé®þüúø!@#$%^&*():;”‘?/><.,{} []_+-=|\*/+-.~` ha beat that alex