max’s blog – day 1

The plane was hell itself… Nothing  has ever been so boring. We had a 13 hour trip from Melbourne to ABU DHABI!!! Which happened to be  over 40 degrees Celsius! We were bacon. (Get it!) We had some lunch which was disgusting. (And expensive) Then we went to the plane for Ireland! It was also very boring. But luckily there was built in I-Pads, there was some really good movies on there like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America, they also had some really old video games. Anyway, The trip was hot, muggy and very small. Very uncomfortable and very confined. There was hardly enough room for you to sleep or even lie down, I didn’t get one wink of SLEEP!!! Finally, we reached land. Ireland is very cold, they say they’re having a heat wave but its actually pretty pathetic. Their so called “heat wave” only reaches around 20 degrees.

When we got there we hired a car, dad couldn’t work it because it was manual and he was used to automatic. We wasted 20 minutes on  starting up the car. We had landed in Dublin and we had to travel all the way to Doon, which is a small town. Its very, very small! I slept the whole car trip which took about 1  1/2 hours! I woke up to the sound of a car pulling up. We have our own little driveway which leads up to our house. (Mind you, its only a tiny little cottage with hedge fences.)IMG_2245

The second we got there we crashed down into bed.

IMG_2243We all woke up in the morning with nothing to eat but pasta! Me and my mum decided to walk down to the local store to find  out the time for we did not have a clock, It turns out that the shop only opens at 8:30, which meant it was under 8:30. We decided to check the car for the time and it told us, 6:00!!!!!!!!!!! HELL! This meant none of the shops would open for at least 2 hours which was really bad because all of us were Starvin’-Marvin! we decided to check out the town but all the shops were closed.  Mum liked the look of one which said it was opening at 8:30.  I told her we should play in a little playground while we waited for the shops.



It was already  7:30 so we only had to waste about an  hour or so! Turns out that the shop is on holiday and no one is home. Mum was unhappy but at least we could go down to the local store to get breakfast! So we did!!! We bought some Wheat Bix and an ice-cream each. They were tasty, very tasty!


Then we went to a pub/store and ordered some milk but the milkman was late so we had to wait half an hour. We dropped everything off at home and went to Clonmacnoise. (One of the oldest cemeteries in the world!) We saw where my great grandad, my great grandma, my great uncle, my great auntie and all my other dead relatives on my mums side were buried. The Chapel was massive and over 1000 years old, it was attached to a turret which was 30 meters high in the sky.



The graveyard was built alongside of the river which was really beautiful. After that we left off to a county music festival. Kids got in free but it was 20 euro per adult!!! We went in and ordered some hot chips. Mum really hated the country music and also, the prices on the food! Me and Greg (Dad) did a little bit of kick to kick with the footy behind the stadium. We saw some Irish teenagers  playing an Irish game called Gaelic football. It’s basically football/soccer/rugby which is weird. Eventually mum got fed up and decided we should leave,

1: She hated the music.

2: We were all getting sunburned.

3: It was boring!

We didn’t tell anyone that because we thought that might offend them. We caught a bus home and plopped ourselves onto the couch. OH!


Me and my mum had a bet, she said 50% of the Irishmen we meet will have ether friends or relatives living in Melbourne or even Australia. And guess what?  she was right!!!

She had a good idea to go check out the old castle which I haven’t seen. Me, her and dad walked up the hill to the castle which was completely, completely covered in moss, blackberry bushes and thistles. But it was HUGE!!! 


IMG_3323It was at least 15 meters tall, 40 meters wide, and 20 meters across! I fainted. (Not really, but it felt like it!) Mum crashed into bed and that is when I wrote this!

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  1. Freya says:

    the flight must of been terrible so i feel for you. It also reminded me of my horrible flight to america. Mum says that you should make the photos bigger in future posts. How is daisy growing in to Ireland?
    also wat colour car do you have in Ireland?
    HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT/AWESOME/COOL AND NOT BORING TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From your sincerely

    F r e y a =^..^=meow, max told me how to do these cats

  2. Rick Plant says:

    Great work Max. We’re loving it here in Newport, Australia!

  3. Alex says:

    You’re making me feel like I’ve been missing out! (I sense a tad of sarcasm)
    At school, we’ve been making our own blog as well. (I’m guessing you started your blog, before you left to Ireland as too). Everyone’s getting prepared for the athletics carnival, and even our teacher (I speak not of her) has been taking us out for games!!! Otherwise, nothing’s really happened since you’ve gone. See you in a month, Alex. Alex, I can write in your replies. be warned alex!

    =^..^= I can do it with quick edit! this is max!!!!! the famous……. you know me?

  4. says:

    I hate you Alex!!! kidding, thank you for the update!

  5. says:

    I unapprove you!

  6. says:

    you are awesome alex!!!!!!!!
    ). sadddddddd

    =^..^= meow!!! that’s what Freya dose!

  7. Alex says:

    Yes, I know I’m awesome, stop the cheering and clapping. I can edit your posts. max, you suck!
    I could mark you as spam if I wanted!

  8. says:

    how dare you!!!!!!

  9. says:

    shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone delete that! Or ill edit your post

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