Our trip to Ireland

We’re heading off to Ireland in August.

Max might do a blog about his Irish experiences.  If he does, it’ll be here.  But it ain’t here yet.

A leprechaun probably ate it.

2 Responses to “Our trip to Ireland”

  1. Carol C (Cam's Mum) says:

    Hi Max

    Sorry to hear the plane flight was so long for you. It’s such a long way away but computers make it feel like you’re just across the road!

    Cam’s computer is taking its time loading up your blog but he’ll have a read soon.

    I hope you enjoy all the castles and history over there! Maybe some designs for Minecraft?


  2. maxwell says:

    That has nothing to do with my blog, please don’t write random stuff on my blog! that’s not you carol, its a spammer

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