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max’s blog – day 28

Monday, October 6th, 2014

And when we got home all of the penguino-family was waiting for us!

Pneguino-bro, Penguino-cuz and Penguino-sis.

Penguino-bro, Penguino-cuz and Penguino-sis.

max’s blog – days 26 & 27

Monday, October 6th, 2014

day 26

In the morning we had a massive breakfast. After that we went on a tour bus around Dublin, it was awesome!!!XD!!!

 IMG_3643  IMG_3667
 IMG_3645  IMG_3647

It went for sooooooooooooo long; at the end we went to the Dublin wax museum, which is where their secret headquarters are in Skullduggery Pleasant!

 Last Days 033  Last Days 025

Bond girl ...

Bond girl …

Beauty and the Greg

Beauty and the Greg

 Last Days 020  Last Days 017

It was really cool and I met the prime minister! (Kidding!)

Last Days 023

Then we went to the pizza place for lunch and dinner!


Then we went to bed, a-waiting the next, boring day…

 IMG_3681  IMG_3683

Teddy gets ready

Teddy gets ready

Night vigil for Teddy

Night vigil for Teddy

day 27

We got up in the morning at 6, a bit early for my taste, but then again, who really cares? After that we took the iPads off their chargers and packed up. We then said goodbye to the receptionist and took off for the car. We stuffed the boot full of luggage and drove off to the airport. We got there and then waited for about an hour.

 IMG_3684  Last Days 048

when the plane was ready we hopped in and sat down, I opened up the iPad and played. About five hours later we got out in Abu Dhabi and had some lunch there, after that we went to the plane, I watched X-Men and I think Spider Man, after that the fasten seatbelt sign popped up and we put our screens away.

Last Days 053

the plane nearly crashed when we landed because it tipped to one side and then the other. We landed and touched down on the ground after flying for 12 hours. When we got out of the airport we met out grandparents (June and Bob!).

I just want to say, my favorite part of the trip was when we did our board game, that was really fun!!!

All in all, I’ll say, it was a really fun trip, (Aside from the boring parts!)