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max’s blog – days 15 and 16

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

day 15

you could say day 15 was one of the most exciting days yet, well you would be close! some of our relatives came over. their names were Finn, my mums cousin, tom , her eighteen year old son, and ben, her husband. when we inherited this place, it was supposed to go to my mum, my mums sister and her cousin finn! and we’re staying at it at the moment. well anyway, we had some visitors, and that was them, fin, tom and ben. they came here at 11 in the morning so we had to wake up my brother early (11 o clock), well, you could say that’s an early morning for him. anyway, my dad decided we should start reading a new book before they got here and we did, we downloaded it onto kindle! it was called… well, I can’t remember really, I think its The Heroes of Olympus. all I can really remember is that I started it then, then the visitors arrived. they were nice and all but tom wasn’t the best at chess, (He has an excuse, he hasn’t played in 12 years! and the fact that I’m really good at chess…) anyway, after a good game of chess we went out on an adventure to somewhere! unknown…  or the fact I also can’t remember! [Ed: Lough Ree] we went on a walk down to a spot and had a sit down to have lunch.

 IMG_2939  IMG_2941

we ate for a while and then went to a giant swing. it was 1 ½ meters off the ground!

 IMG_2955  IMG_2983

after that we went back to the car… to get home… well, we went home for a bit, not too long. then we went to a pub where we had some dinner. yum! after that we went to another pub but all we got here was a lemonade.

 IMG_2999  IMG_3005

Felix photobombs

Felix photobombs

after that we said goodbye and drove home, they went their separate way back to their hotel. when we got home I just plopped into bed and started to read the new book. then my eyes slowly drifted down until I was fast asleep…

day 16

I woke up in the morning and read all day!!! yes that’s right, I think I can officially cross out those boring days and add this one to the top of the list. all we did, and I will not lie, all we did was read on the couch, THE WHOLE DAY!!! I finished a book with 556 pages and then read 50 of the next one. so that day doesn’t need much explaining!

Well, that’s basically been Monday and Tuesday for you, a very interesting Monday and a boring Tuesday. the end! really!

max’s blog – day 13 and 14

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

day 13

day 13 was NOT BORING AT ALL! it was so fun. we woke up in the morning and had an hour on the computer! FUN!


and then dad took us out to see, THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!! awesome. my favourite character was… STARLORD, or peter quill! he was awesome. anyway… it went for about an hour and a half which rocked! it was funny how a raccoon got the laser cannon, he blew up everything! cool. anyway, after that we went to a shop which sold toasties. (toasted sandwiches!) my brother and sister got burgers from burger king. I hate that weird place!

IMG_2853I don’t like burgers! well, we got the food first but I just wanted to put it out there straight a way that we watched a movie! fun fun fun!

I still missed penguino bro so we bid on 2 more on eBay, turns out that there a limited edition and extremely rare! so there were only 2 to buy! we bought them. one for my brother and the other for me, they will be here in 4 or 5 weeks so we sent them to Australia! well meet them there when we get back! yay! then we looked over a toy shop. there were Nerf guns and everything there but we didn’t buy anything, well, we bought something. we bought something called NOTHING!!!! yaaaaay!!……. (Not!)

then we went to a pub, we were there for ages and a band came in! it was pretty fun. I watched some guys play pool, one got all the stripy balls in in his one shot! he was good. he also told me when I couldn’t understand them that I should say “wha?”, instead of pardon. weird!

 IMG_2857  IMG_2859

then we went home to bed at 11!!!

day 14

a bit more boring, but still fun! we went to Athlone. it was fun, there  was a massive castle!

 IMG_2870  IMG_2872

we went inside and went on a mini tour… got a bit boring but was still fun. we learnt how heavy an actual sword was and how heavy a cannonball really was! not too heavy actually! but not too light if you think about it!

then we went to a café.  it was nice!


after that we went to an art museum.


got a bit boring! but was still fun! then we went to a playground!


then finally we went to the car to go home! when we got home I played my mum in the grand final for our family chess championships.  we both got into the finals and I beat her! yay!


I had my favourite dinner, penne pasta! yum!then we went to bed. the end! (we still haven’t got penguino bro yet!) hahaha!

max’s blog – days 11 and 12

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Day 11

we stayed home and played lots of indoor games, like chess and monopoly. I beat my dad at the very start of the game because he stuffed up. and for you chess fanatics out there (Rick.) well, not really a fanatic but someone who plays a lot, look down to the bottom first so you can see how I shellacked my dad! but my sister and my mum were practicing their times tables all the time because if she got all of her times tables right, then she would be able to get her ears pierced. OW!!! well, we taught her all we knew but she kept replying when she got one wrong with, “I forgot?” arrrrrgggghhhh it got sooooo annoying! anyway…

Day 12

much more fun, we went all the way to Dublin. awesome 1 hour trip, got a bit boring, but still fun. when we got there it took mum about, lets see,  HALF AN HOUR!!! Just to find a car park! really? well, when we found a car park I brought out penguino bro. then we went into a big mall, mum gave us a lolly to chew on. it disappeared quickly… after I went to grab penguino out of my pocket and, HE WAS GONE!!! I was so angry, we searched for half an hour but couldn’t find him ANYWHERE! I missed him.

So we got some lunch after that we went to see the oldest book in the world (the book of Kells) but the queue! – so we skipped it.

 IMG_3705  IMG_3707
 IMG_3708  IMG_3711

Then went to the Dead Zoo (every animal on the planet is stuffed) and back to the car.

 IMG_3715  IMG_3729

(Mind you he wasn’t in the car either, I’m just saying…) my brother got the front seat because dad didn’t come (he felt sick so he stayed home). when we tried to get out of Dublin something happened which deserves a heading… ah hem…


it took us about, hmmm lets see, AN EXTRA HOUR!!! to get out of Dublin. argh! well, I don’t think I can write a whole chapter on getting out of Dublin but it took ages, well, that’s really all because when we got home, all we did is get a mini magnum. then we went to bed.

CHESS… (Yay?)

Well, the opening move for white, (Me!) was e,4. then my dad stupidly moved N f,6. I moved my piece up to e,5. then he retreated his horse to N e,4 , I then moved f,3 to continue perusing his night, so once again he retreated to N g,5 . I pretended that Id  given up and moved d,4 to protect my piece, and do something else, mwahahahaha! he then stupidly moved d,6 which I hoped for, I then took his night or horse with my bishop, it was all downhill from there on for my dad. in the end I checkmated him with a king, 2 rooks, (castles!) a bishop and 4 pawns, to a king and a pawn, well, I didn’t checkmate him, he surrendered! YES!!! happy!


Max’s blog – day 9 & 10

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Well, we didn’t do much on day 9, but we did do a lot of inside activities.

In the morning we went to the Ballynahown tea shop though, which kind of counts as an outside activity. I got a pancake and a bit of a scone which my dad cut off for me. it was really nice! yum! then we went back home where we played inside so I can just skip it.

Day 10! We went to a castle it wasn’t cold but it was called Birr! the car trip was about an hour and a ½! I sat in the middle, which was unfair. When we got there we went to the counter to get our tickets, then we went outside to play on what looked like a giant, massive treehouse cubby!

 IMG_3616  IMG_2784
 IMG_2689  IMG_2794

IT WAS REALLY FUN! (Kind of!) we played for an hour or so until we decided we should have a look around, we went over to a massive broken telescope and then to a castle.


After those we went to a massive tree which my sister lied on it to read her “fudge” book. we left her there and went on a walk.

 IMG_2699  IMG_2766

It was really long and got really boring! then when we got UN LOST, we went to the café to get a lemonade because we were outside for 2 & a ½ HOURS! then we went home and played around until it was time for bed.

the end! really!

Max’s blog – Day 8

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Today I went to Newgrange, its a giant mound in the ground which is 5000 years old. The car trip was 1 1/2 hours long and when we got there, there was a sign saying, “Be warned, thieves operate in this area?” What in the hell! We went into the visitor centre and got our tickets. They weren’t expensive but the food there was expensive all right, anyway, we went to the bus stop and got picked up, we left off to Knowth, a giant, 150 meter mound in the ground.


It was pretty cool but it got a bit boring.

 IMG_2568  IMG_2560
 IMG_3525  IMG_2574

After that we went to Newgrange.


Oh, and did I mention I have a pet penguin. his name is penguino-bro.


He is a blue penguin rubber. he blocked off the roof to the Newgrange mound. there was a hole above the entrance which allows a beam of light to travel in 3 days before the winter solstice, to 2 days after it. the light lights up the room in the centre.


After we went there we hopped back on the bus. we went back to the car park, and drove of to a town called Navan, we had some pizza and a float (A Spider!) then we went home and I wrote this blog! the end!

Max’s blog – Days 6 & 7

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Well, it seems I’m famous. Everyone is listening to my blog, it must be good.


Mums insisting on me doing them 24-7! Anyway, you could say day six is interesting, but before I get to it I’ve got to answer some of my, FAN-MAIL!!! Sooo, Number 1, from Rick, Ramsey’s dad:

Wow! Tintern Abbey looks old! I’m curious; what’s the breakfast like at the Strand? I enjoyed the blog from the TIRD and fourth day too.”

Thanks Rick, and yes, breakfast is great, there is butter-milk pancakes, they are great! And VERY FUNNY! Well, that’s all my fan-mail!

Now onto the blog, We didn’t do much on day 6, nor day 7.

Day 6 we made our own board game, I think its called COIN QUEST! its awesome, our dad is really good at it, not kidding. We made 3 levels and played with our dad for HOURS!


 IMG_2502  IMG_2505


Then later, we went to our relatives house. Now I don’t mean to brag but we have some pretty bloody rich relatives! their driveway alone was 600 meters long, they had their own private cricket pitch and, their own motocross track, IN THEIR BACKYARD.

 IMG_2494  IMG_2495

Now I know you think most farms could fit this but this farm had its own, DIG IT UP YOURSELF BOG, $500 TO DIG UP I TON OF EARLY BOG COAL!!! (Not really but its something like that!)

He also has his own 3000 B.C old mounds in his garden, he hasn’t told the government about them yet but they are exactly the same as the ones at Newgrange. Which are 1000 years older then the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. That’s old! well, we got back home early because the motocross had finished.

We did some more on the board game. then went to bed.

The next day was what you could say, boring!!! all we did was continue on with our game, and, we did it up to level 10!!!!

 IMG_2513  IMG_2523
 IMG_2520  IMG_2519
 IMG_2514  IMG_2517
 IMG_2515  IMG_2518
 IMG_2516  IMG_2521
 IMG_2522  IMG_2524

anyway, that was all! see ya!

Max’s blog – days 5 to 6

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Well, for starters, I woke up. Then we went down to get breakfast at the Strand, a shop which serves breakfast.


I had some food  and then we went back to the hotel. Mum said that we would meet another kid. His name was Michael who was also a relative of my mum’s friend, Jane. He was 7 years old and he had a baby sister, Elyse, she was 5 but she was funny, here’s one of her jokes, ah-hem:

“Why did Sally fall of the swing?” “Because she had no arms!!!” hahahahahahahahaha!

Then, “Knock Knock,” “Whose there?” “Definitely not Sally!!!” hahahahahahahahaha! ha!

HA! anyway, he was kind of a screen addict because all he could talk about was “CLASH OF CLANS!!!” CLASH OF CLANS!!!” I told him we used to play that game but we don’t play it anymore. I kind of lied! I never REALLY liked it! We played for ages and ages until it got really late. we said goodbye and they went home. I kind of wizzed through the day because we did nothing. ALL DAY!!! (Except play with the kid!)

Now I’m gonna’ skip to the next day. Hope you don’t mind! well, we went down to the strand to get breakfast. as usual, then we hopped in the car to say goodbye to Anna’s friend Jane.  Dad couldn’t find her house for a while but we eventually got there. Michael showed us his clash of clans file, he was really good! (I didn’t really care though.)  We said goodbye and drove off. we went to another town called Tintern Abbey which was actually, pretty awesome!


IMG_2423But to get there we had to go across a thick river in a FERRY!!! It was awesome.


When we got there we went to an Abby. It cost 8 euros to get in. We looked around, ok, then we went back out to go on a walk.


it got boring so mum sent us back with 10 euros to spend but the lady at the café said we had to be 16 or over to get in so we had to wait outside for 30 MINUTES!!! I was really annoyed! Finally mum came and we went in to get some scones.


Then we went to a garden (the JFK memorial), it was huge. we had some fish n chips and then went on a 2 hour walk.



when we got back we got an ice-cream,


It was three euros and a terd. (Terd is how they pronounce third) Then we went home JUST before a thunderstorm, we stopped off to get some food in Birr (a very cold town), and then went home. we had some dinner and then went to bed.


The end!

max’s blog – days 3 and 4

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Day 2 was skipped because day 1 included it. That is why I start on day 3! Well, I have to say, day 3 is the most boring day yet. I decided we should just stay home to get used to it. BAD IDEA! it got soooooooo, boring. All we  were doing was playing monopoly and chess. We had a chess championship, I beat my brother, then my mum beat me. my dad beat my mum and them my mum beat my brother. we hope she doesn’t get into the finals because that would just be sad…….. There are still two more rounds to go. Me versus my dad and my bro versus my dad! Well, you could guess that it was pretty boring, chess and monopoly all day, just puttin’ it out there, I, am a master at monopoly!  I won with just three properties, the yellow ones , ma favourites! I had hotels on em’. My brother and sister couldn’t help but to spend over budget at my resorts! Well that was all that day in one, quick wrap-up… The next day was a lot more exciting! We were going down to see my mum’s friend, her auntie & her cousin. (Her auntie owned a hotel which we were going to stay in.) Mum dad and I packed the car for our 2 day holiday in a holiday!  We left in the afternoon off to a town called Dunmore East. The trip took about an hour and a bit so mum decided to get some lollies, we each had a chuppa chup. YUM!


we had some lunch in a small town called Kilkenny, you bastards! (South park!!!) There was a beautiful café which we ate at, I got some pasta (Yum) and a homemade lemonade with a raspberry flavoured ice-cream sundae. the best ice-cream EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! No kidding! it even had a mint leaf on-top of it! WOW! Then we went to a castle which was MASSIVE!


It had literally a kilometre inside of it. Massive I told you, Massive it was! then we went back to the car and continued to drive for another hour or so until finally we found the little beachside town of Dunmore east!


it was so cold for a beach town but all the residents were wearing bathing clothes.


we got the hotel keys and settled down into bed, to start another game of monopoly.


Mum, on me and my bro, on my sister. My mum has a weird tactic of buying everything she lands on. My sister got the two dark blue ones while me and my brother won with the yellow ones, AGAIN!!! Then we met my mums friend who look the same age as my mum but says that she’s 20 years younger! Probably right!


We played in a playground until mum made us come and see her friend’s cousin’s daughter.


She was a year younger than me but she was in grade 6? Her name was Jilli. We went back to the park to continue playing until it was time to go home. We said goodbye and went to go get some dinner!!!! I was starved! We went home and went to bed. The End! Again!

max’s blog – day 1

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

The plane was hell itself… Nothing  has ever been so boring. We had a 13 hour trip from Melbourne to ABU DHABI!!! Which happened to be  over 40 degrees Celsius! We were bacon. (Get it!) We had some lunch which was disgusting. (And expensive) Then we went to the plane for Ireland! It was also very boring. But luckily there was built in I-Pads, there was some really good movies on there like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America, they also had some really old video games. Anyway, The trip was hot, muggy and very small. Very uncomfortable and very confined. There was hardly enough room for you to sleep or even lie down, I didn’t get one wink of SLEEP!!! Finally, we reached land. Ireland is very cold, they say they’re having a heat wave but its actually pretty pathetic. Their so called “heat wave” only reaches around 20 degrees.

When we got there we hired a car, dad couldn’t work it because it was manual and he was used to automatic. We wasted 20 minutes on  starting up the car. We had landed in Dublin and we had to travel all the way to Doon, which is a small town. Its very, very small! I slept the whole car trip which took about 1  1/2 hours! I woke up to the sound of a car pulling up. We have our own little driveway which leads up to our house. (Mind you, its only a tiny little cottage with hedge fences.)IMG_2245

The second we got there we crashed down into bed.

IMG_2243We all woke up in the morning with nothing to eat but pasta! Me and my mum decided to walk down to the local store to find  out the time for we did not have a clock, It turns out that the shop only opens at 8:30, which meant it was under 8:30. We decided to check the car for the time and it told us, 6:00!!!!!!!!!!! HELL! This meant none of the shops would open for at least 2 hours which was really bad because all of us were Starvin’-Marvin! we decided to check out the town but all the shops were closed.  Mum liked the look of one which said it was opening at 8:30.  I told her we should play in a little playground while we waited for the shops.



It was already  7:30 so we only had to waste about an  hour or so! Turns out that the shop is on holiday and no one is home. Mum was unhappy but at least we could go down to the local store to get breakfast! So we did!!! We bought some Wheat Bix and an ice-cream each. They were tasty, very tasty!


Then we went to a pub/store and ordered some milk but the milkman was late so we had to wait half an hour. We dropped everything off at home and went to Clonmacnoise. (One of the oldest cemeteries in the world!) We saw where my great grandad, my great grandma, my great uncle, my great auntie and all my other dead relatives on my mums side were buried. The Chapel was massive and over 1000 years old, it was attached to a turret which was 30 meters high in the sky.



The graveyard was built alongside of the river which was really beautiful. After that we left off to a county music festival. Kids got in free but it was 20 euro per adult!!! We went in and ordered some hot chips. Mum really hated the country music and also, the prices on the food! Me and Greg (Dad) did a little bit of kick to kick with the footy behind the stadium. We saw some Irish teenagers  playing an Irish game called Gaelic football. It’s basically football/soccer/rugby which is weird. Eventually mum got fed up and decided we should leave,

1: She hated the music.

2: We were all getting sunburned.

3: It was boring!

We didn’t tell anyone that because we thought that might offend them. We caught a bus home and plopped ourselves onto the couch. OH!


Me and my mum had a bet, she said 50% of the Irishmen we meet will have ether friends or relatives living in Melbourne or even Australia. And guess what?  she was right!!!

She had a good idea to go check out the old castle which I haven’t seen. Me, her and dad walked up the hill to the castle which was completely, completely covered in moss, blackberry bushes and thistles. But it was HUGE!!! 


IMG_3323It was at least 15 meters tall, 40 meters wide, and 20 meters across! I fainted. (Not really, but it felt like it!) Mum crashed into bed and that is when I wrote this!

Our trip to Ireland

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

We’re heading off to Ireland in August.

Max might do a blog about his Irish experiences.  If he does, it’ll be here.  But it ain’t here yet.

A leprechaun probably ate it.